Umbraco Down Under Festival

23 Feb 2018

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G’day, and welcome to uDuf!

uDuf is the very first Umbraco conference in the Southern Hemisphere - history making!

It is designed to build a strong and sharing community of developers, project managers, marketing teams and web specialists who use Umbraco. With separate development and business focused content streams, you don’t have to be a coder to get something out of uDuf - we’ve got you all covered!

Through presentations, on-site training and a community Hack Day, you’ll gain insights on technical know-how, creative tips, best practices, and sales strategies. You’ll also get to hear from, and mix with, the brains behind it all as we welcome members of the Umbraco HQ to share in this debut conference event!

Discover why Umbraco is the fastest growing .NET CMS in the world, and how it can put a rocket into your business whilst remaining flexible and user friendly. All while in the company of inspiring, intelligent and fair dinkum blokes and sheilas (Aussie for ‘honest/genuine men and women’)!

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How it’s going down...

Training - 20th & 21st Feb

Make the whole week an Umbraco week by joining us for the official Umbraco Fundamentals and the MVC & Visual Studio courses and gain your certification. Festival entry is included when you attend one of the courses! Secure your spot on one of the courses now.

Hackathon - 22nd Feb

The Hackathon and Bug Fixathon will give you the chance to get rid of those darn bugs messin’ with your work. This is your chance to contribute and work with other community members and some of Umbraco's finest!

Pre-party - 22nd Feb

We have secured exclusive use of BALTER Brewery, one of the Gold Coast's best. This is a meet and greet event for you to get to know other Umbracians from Australia and abroad. There'll be a food truck, and there’ll be great beer, and it’s on us. 🍺

Festival - 23rd Feb

The main event, come and hear from some of the best in the business in 2 streams packed full of knowledge. The focus of the tracks are development and business, so there will be talks to wet the appetite of anyone involved in the use of the Umbraco CMS.

Sessions & timetable

This is going to be tough. So many great sessions and you can only be in one place at one time. To help you decide, here is a downloadable timetable.

Timetable Download

Niels HartvigChief Unicorn 🦄 Umbraco HQ

As always, you don't want to miss the keynote. Niels will tell us where we currently are as a community and what the future holds for the worlds favourite open source .NET CMS.

Niels started it all. As with most developers of the early 2000's, he built a CMS to serve the needs of his clients. Little did he know that it would become such a big deal, with Umbraco now being one of the biggest open source CMS on the .net framework, with over 400,000 installs, and a community of over 200,000 developers.

Shannon DeminickDMBO Umbraco HQ

Developing with Umbraco's new features
Shannon will give us a tour of what's new in 7.8 and how to use those features. He will then give us a taste of whats been brewing at the moon base as we peer into the future release 7.9. Rounding out his talk, an intro on contributing to the core.

Leading the technical charge at Umbraco since 2011, Shannon is behind many of the decisions that have made Umbraco such an amazing platform. Are you wondering what DMBO stands for? Director of Moon Based Operations 👨‍🚀. Or to the rest of us, Core Engineer.

Paul StirlingSolutions Analyst Proworks

Continuous Deployment with Umbraco Cloud - no DevOps Engineer Required
Ever wondered what all the fuss with CD/CI (continuous deployment/continuous integration) is? Or maybe your team uses CD already but you’re hesitant to make the jump to to Umbraco Cloud because you don’t want to lose the CD goodness you have. Fear not, Paul will show you how to work with Umbraco Cloud and keep your CD process in place. He’ll demonstrate the parts you can keep unchanged and the parts that may need to be tweaked. Leave with the confidence to start using Umbraco Cloud and CD in the same projects and breath a little easier knowing you won’t lose hours of productivity setting up a new process from the start.

Paul is an Umbraco HQ alumnus, a stalwart believer in keeping things as simple as possible, and one of Umbraco’s biggest fans. He works at ProWorks helping organizations of all sizes structure teams and projects for efficiency and quality. He specializes in running Umbraco on Azure using tools optimized for this environment. His perfect day is spent creating new features to help yet another use fall in love with their CMS, assuming that CMS is Umbraco. Paul lives and works in the least sunny place in the US, Bellingham, Washington, where he spends his free time running and hiking, usually in the rain. He’s not one to pass on a drink or a good meal, hence the running and hiking.

Peter GregoryCEO KOBEN digital

Whoa.. I know Kung Fu!
At its core, Umbraco is a simple, well built CMS. But it can be so much more. The CMS landscape is filled with products promising to be everything to everyone, yet often many of these products require you to sell a kidney before you even start building your project or lack the flexibility to fully deliver on the business and creative goals. In Peter's *no code* talk he will show the marketers, business decision makers and developers that Umbraco can become much more than a simple CMS through the use of community and commercial packages/plugins to become a rich integrated *insert buzz word here* platform.

Peter has been part of the Umbraco community since the early days, worked on staff Umbraco HQ as an Umbraco Trainer and regional representative, and then went on to found Koben Digital, an Umbraco Gold Partner agency. Peter is a firm believer in community involvement and engagement and encourages his staff to participate in Umbraco activites where possible.

James Jackson-SouthMicrosoft MVP ImageSharp

Pumping up your Umbraco Solution with Strong Typed Models
Take a deep dive into the world of strongly typed models as James presents the options available in Umbraco. He will provide a comparison, benefits and details of each option and a look into what the future holds for those looking to build robust and maintainable applications with Umbraco at its core.

James is the king of image processing and leads the ImageSharp project. His work changed image manipulation in Umbraco and he has also been recognised by Microsoft as an MVP for his contributions to the developer community.

Radu ChiperiUcommerce

E commerce Your Clients Give a Crap About
Your clients care about solving their problem, which in e-commerce terms is to sell. In this talk you'll get practical insight into how you can create e-commerce stores your clients give a crap about. You'll get concrete techniques and examples based on real-world experience from dozens of existing Umbraco stores, you can leverage tomorrow in any store to increase sales and delight your clients.

Radu is a Business Development Manager at UCommerce, providing sales support to agencies and clients throughout the Australasian region having recently relocated from Denmark, he now calls Sydney Australia home. UCommerce has been a leader in the e-commerce space on Umbraco for many years, bringing enterprise grade commerce tools to Umbraco with users such as Reebok, Heinz, BiC, Emirates and faber-Castell.

Elizabeth GibbonsDirector of Client Services Zeroseven

Selling Umbraco in the Real World
Become an Umbraco selling Badass with my tools of the trade. We will examine some real life tenders, request for proposals and client requirements to demonstrate how Umbraco can work for you 90% of the time – every time. Whether it is small business or government, I’ll show you how I’ve made Umbraco “fit” and get you over the line.

Elizabeth Gibbons is a Director at Zeroseven and is passionately enthusiastic about all things digital. Elizabeth has been a vital member of the team at the West End-based agency for over 8 years. She specialises in the day-to-day management of designers, developers, project managers, and all of Zeroseven's clients. As a digital native with a personable approach, Elizabeth has facilitated online solutions for a broad portfolio of Australian and international customers and is highly sought after for her experience in selecting content management solution.

Aaron PowellTechnical Presales Consultant Readify

A tale of automation
CMS’s are notoriously bad at integrating into a DevOps process because so much stuff can’t be source controlled, making it impractical to do complete CI and CD. After years of beating my head against the wall on how to do CI/CD with Umbraco things are starting to look up. In this talk we’ll look at a couple of different approaches to CD with Umbraco along with their the pros & cons so you can deploy with just a big green button.

Aaron started using Umbraco in the v3 days, contributed to v4, helped kill v5 and tries to use v6+ in ways it was never intended. When he’s not working at Readify he can be found coding away on weird problems, such as trying to automate Umbraco completely without the web or writing his own number system.

Callum WhyteSenior Developer Cogworks

Serverless Umbraco with Azure Functions
Callum will explore how we can introduce 'serverless' components to our applications and how that can be applied to Umbraco, such as for handling transactional events or scheduled tasks. We'll progress from exploring Azure Functions with our first "Hello World" app, right up to refactoring parts of an existing Umbraco solution into serverless components.

Callum is a senior developer and Umbraco Master at The Cogworks; organiser of the Umbraco UK Festival, founder of the Umbraco BBQ movement, and co-host of the weekly live UmbraCoffee video podcast! Away from a screen you will likely find him with a box of donuts or enjoying a nice cold beer.

Erica QuessenberryFreelance UX/UI Studio Red Designs

ROI of Diversity. Using the Umbraco community to drive your bottom line
In recent years, there's been a push to increase the number of women and minorities in the science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) fields, but despite this push, the numbers have not really changed much. With diversity in tech being the hot topic that it is right now with fairly pathetic numbers coming out of Silicon Valley, the research papers are stacking up and all touting the benefits and impacts diversity (or lack thereof) can have on your bottom line. So we're going to take a deeper look at why that is, why we should be paying attention to it, and what that has to do with the Umbraco community and its community driven resources.

Erica is a Freelance UX/UI consultant/frontend engineer working with agencies and companies from around the world. She also is a co-founder and editor of the Umbraco community magazine Skrift.

Anthony DangHead of Development Cogworks

What's that smell?
You thought you inherited a puppy, but it turned out to be a skunk. This session is about inheriting existing websites. We will discuss common signs and smells which can indicate that you're about to inherit a skunk. We will dive into what Cogworks has learned, and how we were burned in the past when taking on poor implementations. Building on this, we will talk about some development processes, and propose what like went wrong in the agency/organisation during the original build.

Anthony has worked with .NET since 2007. He is active in the open source community, in particular the Umbraco CMS, and is a regular presenter at conferences and tech meetups. He lives and breathes automation and development processes, and is a proponent of Behaviour/Test Driven Development. Originally from Sydney, Australia, he is now based in London, working at The Cogwork, leading a development team spanning 5 locations and 3 countries.

Nathan WoulfeWeb Architect University of the Sunshine Coast

From Pareto to Plumber
How wrangling wayward content editors resulted in an over-sized project aiming to build a full-featured Umbraco workflow package.

Nathan is the Web Architect at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), one of Australia’s fastest growing universities. Trained as a journalist, he has more than 10 years’ experience in media, communications and digital. At USC, Nathan is responsible for driving the development and maintenance of the corporate website.

Robert FosterFreelance Developer QuantumSky

Beyond Umbraco Forms
Umbraco Forms is the well loved go to form builder for the Umbraco CMS. In this deep dive session Robert will show us how to extend Umbraco Forms through workflows, custom fields and extensions, to become much more than it appears out of the box.

Robert has been part of the Umbraco scene for many years, contributing to the core, or developing packages. Robert is also responsible for the organisation and facilitation Umbraco meetups in Melbourne and Sydney.


uDuf 18 is being held at the newly refurbished Star Casino in beautiful Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. There are loads of hotels and Air bnb’s in the immediate area to cover all budgets. Beautiful beaches and top shopping malls are all within walking distance and multiple theme parks only a short drive or bus ride away. Make it a holiday and bring the family!

A tram line linking the central Gold Coast is located right out the front of the venue. For those coming from out of town, we suggest you take a look around as there are so many beautiful places to explore. We highly recommend Burleigh Heads Beach (where the Koben Digital offices are and where the Hackathon will be held) and Coolangatta the home of the famous Snapper Rocks surf break. There is so much to do so if you can, stick around for the weekend after the event!


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