Umbraco Down Under Festival

1st March 2019

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Enter the Umbra-Dojo

Learn from the masters, and meet other Umbra-kai

uDuf is the only Umbraco conference in the Southern Hemisphere where each year Umbraco users from across Australasia and the World come together to share knowledge, gain new Umbraco skills and commune with others in the Umbraco community.

It is designed to build a strong and sharing community of developers, project managers, marketing teams and web specialists who use Umbraco. With separate development and business focused content streams, you don’t have to be a coder to get something out of uDuf - we’ve got you all covered!

Through presentations, on-site training and a community Hack Day, you’ll gain insights on technical know-how, creative tips, best practices, and sales strategies. You’ll also get to hear from, and mix with, the brains behind it all as we welcome members of the Umbraco HQ. Discover why Umbraco is the fastest growing .NET CMS in the world, and how it can put a rocket into your business whilst remaining flexible and user friendly.

Enter the Dojo

Training - 26 - 27 Feb

Make the whole week an Umbraco week by joining us for the official Umbraco Fundamentals and the MVC & Visual Studio courses and gain your certification. Festival entry is included when you attend one of the courses! Secure your spot on one of the courses now.

Hackathon - 28 Feb

The Hackathon and Bug Fixathon will give you the chance to get rid of those darn bugs messin’ with your work. This is your chance to contribute and work with other community members and some of Umbraco's finest!

Pre-party - 28 Feb

This is a meet and greet event for you to get to know other Umbra-kai from Australia and abroad. There'll be great food, and there’ll be great beer, and it’s on us. 🍺

Festival - 1st Mar

The main event, come and hear from some of the best in the business in 2 streams packed full of knowledge. The focus of the tracks are development and business, so there will be talks to wet the appetite of anyone involved in the use of the Umbraco CMS.


What comes with my ticket?

Admission to the Festival, Hackathon & Pre-Party
Festival swag
Lunch & refreshments
Access to all streams

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Whos Speaking?

Niels Hartvig

Chief Unicorn

Umbraco HQ


We are honoured to have Niels back for another year to share the latest updates about the approaching release of Umbraco 8, community matters and other exciting updates from the Umbraco HQ.

Niels Hartvig, aka The Chief Unicorn, is the founder and creator of the Umbraco CMS project.  Starting from humble beginnings Umbraco has grown to be one of the biggest open source .NET projects in the world.

Shannon Deminick

Lead Developer

Umbraco HQ

V8 Powered packages

Shannon is a mysterious Umbraco master, and his insights into the inner workings of Umbraco are not to be missed.  Shannon will walk you through the key points of package (plugin) development in Umbraco 8.

Shannon is considered an Umbraco Grand Master, doing things with Umbraco in the early days such as MVC long before it was even a thing. Shannon is currently a core developer on the D-Team at Umbraco HQ working remotely from Australia, surfing and hanging out with his wife Kris and their mini-snag Moose.

Simone Chiaretta

Technical Lead

European Union

Spicing up Umbraco with AI

Why force editors to repeat tedious tasks every time they want to publish some content? Simone will show you how to make their life easier by automating some of their tasks using AI, simplifying the publishing process using Azure Cognitive Service and serverless functions.

Simone is currently a Technical Lead at the Council of the European Union.  Simone and his team build and maintain one of the biggest multilingual websites based on Umbraco in the world.

Peter Gregory

GM & Developer

KØBEN digital

Giving in a different way

In this tag team session, Peter & Mario will walk you through a technical case study on how they combined TeaCommerce, VueJS and Umbraco to deliver a giving solution for a large not for profit with a limited budget and big goals. 

Peter is General Manager of KØBEN digital, Umbraco Trainer for Australia and an Umbraco MVP. He has been working with Umbraco since version 2, released in 2005.

Callum Whyte

Umbraco Master

Indie Developer

Hot Umbraco Structure Tips

Callum takes a look at the best practices for structuring your Umbraco codebase and backoffice; making code clearer and easier to understand, reducing coupling and avoiding common traps when architecting your solution. An indepth look at the tradeoffs of each technical decision made (time, money, training, maintainability, and more), and tips on how to convince your boss / client to do things "properly" the first time round.

Callum is known throughout the Umbraco community as one of the hosts of UmbraCoffee, the weekly Umbraco coffee break on all things Umbraco. Callum loves to do things right and is known for a deep understanding of Umbraco contributing to talks to almost every festival worldwide.

Nathan Woulfe

Web Architect

University of the Sunshine Coast

Plugin Alphabet Soup

Nathan will share his top tips and tricks learned while developing Umbraco packages (plugins), such as solution structures, build/ci, leveraging existing core bits, testing, and integrations. This talk is for any developer looking to start building plugins (regardless of version) and needs a nudge in the right direction.

Nathan is the Web Architect at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), one of Australia’s fastest growing universities. Trained as a journalist, he has more than 10 years’ experience in media, communications and digital. At USC, Nathan is responsible for driving the development and maintenance of the corporate website.

Kris Deminick

Life Coach and Project Manager

Electrified Life

Burnout is a Bitch

Drawing on her work as a life coach, mindfulness advocate and pilates/yoga instructor, Kris will remind people of the importance of physical, mental, creative and energetic wellbeing in the workplace. As an ex-digital agency producer, Kris knows all too well that feeling of being overwhelmed, burnt out, stressed, and deadline pressure.

Kris Deminick, has worked with Umbraco in some capacity for many years, as a digital producer, Umbraco employee, wife of an Umbraco genius and now as the basis of her own business website and blog.  Kris is known for her high energy, big heart, yoga and solo car karaoke skills. 

Aaron Powell

Cloud Advocate


Making Umbraco testable

You could be building something for your customers, or you're creating a package for anyone to use, adding tests can be highly valuable. Regardless of whether it's a unit test or an integration test, Umbraco can be a little bit tricky to write tests against and this can put people off wanting to introduce a good automation testing practice. But it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom, once you strip away some of the layers it can be easy to introduce testing, so come take a ride as we look at what you need to do to introduce automated tests to your Umbraco codebase.

Aaron started using Umbraco in the v3 days, contributed to v4, helped kill v5 and tries to use v6+ in ways it was never intended. When he’s not working at Microsoft he can be found coding away on weird problems, such as trying to automate Umbraco completely without the web or writing his own number system.

Emmanuel Tissera

Technical Lead


Umbraco headless, the walk-through

Want to build a .NET Core MVC website using Umbraco Headless? This deep dive session with Emmanuel is just the ticket.

Emmanuel knew his calling early on in life. At the age of 15, he wrote an essay on his ambition to become a software engineer. Emmanuel is a Microsoft Certified Professional, Umbraco Certified Master and all round great guy. Currently Emmanuel is technical lead at Luminary in Melbourne.

Mario Lopez

Lead Developer

KØBEN digital

Rise of the mobile machines

Bring the power of machine learning to portable devices with Custom Vision and Xamarin. Learn how to add Umbraco headless to the mix to create a friendly editor experience and keep your app's content updated in real time.

Mario is lead developer and one of the Umbraco Masters at KØBEN digital.  He works remotely from his brewery office in Melbourne where the smell of hops fill the air.

Elizabeth Gibbons

Business Development Manager


Powerful Pitches, Proposals and Poodles

Everyone needs sharp presentations and proposals to not just persuade clients but to sway everyone around us. Increasingly even developers need to understand the skills, tools, tactics and strategies to convince others to say 'yes'.  Join Elizabeth for a few tricks of the trade to expand your possibilities through persuasion. 

Elizabeth Gibbons is a Director at Zeroseven and is passionately enthusiastic about all things digital. Elizabeth has been a vital member of the team at the West End-based agency for over 8 years. She specialises in the day-to-day management of designers, developers, project managers, and all of Zeroseven's clients.

Robert Foster

Director / Developer

Your IT Team

Content Apps for V8

Content Apps are new in Umbraco 8, but what are they?  And how do I build my own?  In this talk Rob will walk you through the new feature and show you how get started.

Robert has been part of the Umbraco scene for many years, contributing to the core, or developing packages. Robert is also responsible for the organisation and facilitation Umbraco meetups in Melbourne and Sydney.

Consult the oracles

During UDUF we will host a panel session where we bring to the stage Umbraco Chief Unicorn Niels Hartvig, Umbraco Core Developer Shannon Deminick, UmbraCoffee host Callum Whyte and Peter Gregory Umbraco trainer and owner of KØBEN digital, to answer all those questions about Umbraco for which you have been awaiting answers.

Questions like. "When can we expect Umbraco 8 to be ready for prime time?", "Will I be able to use dependency injection with Umbraco 8?", "What version of Angular does Umbraco 8 use?", and "What do unicorns eat?"

Fill in the form below and we will try our hardest to get an answer for you. Even if you are not there on the day, we will try email you a summary of the response.

Where is it all happening?

We have secured one of the Gold Coast's finest venues, the QT Hotel. This venue is known for its eclectic design and vibrant atmosphere and is well known to locals as having the best marketplace buffet on the Gold Coast. With easy access to the beach, and the Gold Coast strip, UDUF attendees will have a great time. For more information please visit the QT Hotel website.

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